Proudly Supported by Leading Professionals

Here at Tarn’s Keto, food is more than just food.
It is a lifestyle and something we get to enjoy rather than stress about. Nutrition is something we are passionate about educating our customers on.
Don’t just take our word for it though, we have two well known Sydney based supporters who are all about following a balanced and healthy lifestyle regime.

Sydney Low Carb are a local specialist in low carbohydrate nutrition and are also a proud supporter of using food as medicine to improve health and longevity. We believe the one size fits all approach of many diets and nutrition recommendations do not work for many people. Our Doctor/Dietitian team will tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle, food preferences and dietary requirements to best ensure you are able to make long lasting changes in your health. Phone or Email to make a booking today! 

Ellipse Health is a team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists who create   and deliver personally-tailored dietary interventions to individuals all over Australia. Ellipse Health can support you in applying low-carbohydrate nutrition in your own life. They take on board everything that has and hasn’t worked for you in the past and acknowledge that nobody understands your health better than you. Online consults are available!

Have Butter Will Travel is a food and recipe website and Youtube channel focusing on the practicality of a low carb lifestyle in Australia. Dan and Erika at Have Butter Will Travel have lived a low carb and keto lifestyle for 5 years and love to share how to live a low carb life day to day through easy and delicious recipes.