Fresh, Healthy, Keto meals. Cooked by us so you don't have to

All our meals are prepped, cooked, packaged and frozen in store, ready for you to enjoy. Click, Order and wait for Tarns Keto to knock on your door, delivered frozen in a chill bag .

Here at Tarn’s Keto we are passionate about creating a seamless service!

Our meals are prepared fresh each week with strict quality control, all meals are quickly frozen to ensure maximum freshness, you can rest assured that there is never a case of food sitting around in the fridge for days before it reaches your do. 

We recommend heating from frozen and if you have any questions please reach out.

Our story

Hello everyone ! I’m Tarn, the face behind Tarn’s Keto.

Almost three years ago, I was left feeling absolutely defeated.

I was battling many health issues and steadily gaining weight despite trying so many things to get back into a healthy space. It felt like no matter what I tried, nothing worked!

That was until a friend introduced me to a Keto Facebook page !   

This is where my journey of discovery and research began, I decided to implement the things I was learning and after having such beneficial results internally and externally, I knew I needed to share this with everyone.